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Andrew Cunningham Street, Qawra SPB 1744, Malta | Tel: (+356) 21576267 | E-Mail:

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What time is breakfast, lunch and dinner served at the restaurant?
Breakfast:        07.30 hours till 10.00 hours
Lunch:              12.00 hours till 14.00 hours
Dinner:             18.00 hours till 20.45 hours

What is served at breakfast?
Both continental and English breakfast are served.

How are the meals served at the restaurant?
Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, meals are buffet style.

What is the check-out time from room?
Check-out time from room is at 10.30 hours.

Is it possible to keep the room beyond check-out time?
Yes it is possible depending on availability, and is subject to a small charge.

What happens if we miss our breakfast?
A trolley is provided in front office till 7.00 hours serving tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits.

What happens if we go out for the day and we miss our meal?
A packed lunch may be ordered from front office a day before and taken with you on day out.

Can one upgrade the board basis?
Yes and special rates are offered on board upgrades to our guests.

Can a room be upgraded?
Yes rooms can be upgraded at a charge.

Is there a facility of a safe in the room?
All rooms are equipped with safety deposit boxes which may be rented out at a weekly charge together with a deposit which will be refunded at end of stay.

Is there the possibility of a second room key?
Unfortunately this is not possible for safety reasons; however front office personnel are available 24 hours a day and can come and open room.

Are wake-up calls available?
The hotel offers the facility of wake-up calls at no charge.  This needs to be booked at front office a day before. 

What tv channels are provided in the rooms?
Maltese, English, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Swiss channels

Can international calls be done from the room?
All calls, whether local or international may be done from the room.  However, one has to open a credit account at front office for the telephone line in the room to be opened.

Does the hotel supply adaptors for rooms?
These may be supplied from front office against a small deposit which is refunded back when adaptor is returned.

Does the hotel take credit cards?
The hotel accepts both Visa and Master Card.

Does the hotel exchange foreign currency?
Front office exchanges both foreign cash and travelers cheques.  There is however, a €0.50 charge per traveler cheque.

Is it possible to book a taxi from the hotel?
Taxi/mini-bus may be booked from front office.

Is car hire possible from the hotel?
Car hire is available from front office.

Are towels supplied for pools?
Unfortunately one has to provide his/her own beach towel, or may be purchased from the hotel at a very small charge.

Can one book directly with the hotel for future accommodation?
One may contact our reservations department for quotes and further details. 

Is there a doctor service at the hotel?
The hotel has a doctor on call 24 hours a day.